Friday, December 05, 2008

It's been a busy November

I figure I'll show off what's been taking up my time here recently, a forum pipe. This is the prototype I made a while back. It's a Zulu-ish shape, long and light, with the oval shape of the shank carried up into the bowl. These are actually being completed this week and early next, and will get shipped out next week. Just in time for Christmas!

In other news, the motor arbor that I posted here not too long ago has really proven popular! I keep a good supply of these on hand (actually, I end up making a bunch every week), just to be sure that I've got enough on hand for immediate shipment. The feedback has been incredibly positive, and I'm very happy that other folks have gotten good use out of this little hack.

So, that begs the question: the website is bare, when are you going to make some new pipes? Later next week I'll begin work on a few pipes that I've been itching to make. After a month of Zulus, my head is full of ideas for apples, blowfish, and even an Ukulele/Eskimo. And yes, pipe kits. I know folks are looking for these. I promise I'll get some made up next week.